• Factsheet

    In 2007 ,Five million people died in the world as a direct result of tobacco.

  • In World

    In 20th Century, tobacco epidemic killed 100 million people world-wide.

  • In Pakistan

    About 100,000 people die annually due to tobacco use.

  • Health effects

    Tobacco use is a risk factor for six out of eight leading causes of death in the world.


  • SRO 22-23 (New SROs on PHW 85% - 2015) Download
  • New Pictorial Health Warning 2015... Download English, Download Urdu
  • Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smokers Health Ordinance 2002 Download
  • HW Ordinance 1979 Download
  • Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Download
  • Fatawas on Smoking Download
  • Pictorial Health Warning Download
  • MPOWER Download
  • Monitoring Checklist for Implementation Committee Download
  • Notification for Constitution of Inter-ministerial Committee Download
  • Notification for Constitution of TAG Download
  • Notification for Constitution of Federal Enforcement CommitteeDownload
  • First Monitoring Report on Implementation of the Ordinance, 2002Download
  • Media Resource Kit on Tobacco ControlDownload
  • Pretesting of PHW :Report - Pakistan Download


  • SRO 22-23 (New SROs on PHW 85% - 2015) Download
  • SRO 1086 (New Guidelines to restrict TAPS) Download
  • Extension in Current Pictorial Health Warning (2011)Download
  • SRO on Amendments (2011) in SRO-654 (Notification of Authorized Persons to act under Tobacco Control Ordinance, 2002)Download
  • SRO on "The Prohibition of Sale of Cigarettes to Minors Rules, 2010 Download
  • Amended SRO on Pictorial Health Warnings 2010Download
  • SRO on Pictorial Health Warnings 2009Download
  • SRO 53 (Free Goods, Cash rebates),2009Download
  • SRO 51 (Withdrawal of DSAs) 2009Download
  • SRO 1219 (Rotational Health Warnings 2008)Download
  • SRO 956 DSA 2008 (Rescined)Download
  • Notification 882-Tobacco Advertisement Guidelines-2007Download
  • SRO 1068 (Powers to make rules 2006)Download
  • Notifications 654 (authorized Officers) &655 (Committee Advertisment Guidelines) 2003Download
  • Notifications 652 & 653-Ordinance come into force. 2003Download
  • Notification F13-5-Tobacco Advertisement 2003Download
  • Notification 1001-Health Warning Changes-2003 Download
  • HW Rules 2003Download